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In this otome game, you’ll learn the story of Yang Ling, an eighteen-year-old girl who came to Japan searching for a family friend. Her first day in a new country turned her life upside down forever – now Yang Ling is a Fated and the universe itself is trying to destroy her. Yang Ling must join the Jungle, the group of Fated who are looking for a mysterious amulet that can change everything. It’s her only way to escape from death.

Explore Tokyo's darkest secrets, fight with dangerous sorcerers and challenge destiny itself.

Every choice matters whether it is a simple reaction or a serious dilemma. There is no easy way in this interactive story. You will be accompanied by handsome members of the Jungle like Yuki or Akira. With them and not only them you can create your own love story. There is always room for romance in the grim reality!

Get into the retro spirit and nostalgia with authentic music and art. Japan in the 1990s had a special atmosphere – feel it from all sides.

Not only choices will affect the story. Play mini-games and discover how it changes the game. Win or lose? Every outcome matters.

Let your journey begin!

Eugene Efimenko - Unity Dev
Artem Razhiev - Unity Dev
Evgenia Vasilieva - 2d Art Instagram
Milana Savistskaya instagram
Nastya - screenwriter
Olya - narrative designer vk
Edgar Aibatov - teamlead Linkedin
Ayla - sound designer vk
Alsu Sadykova - UI/UX Designer

Lyubov Guseva - ex-UI Designer
Efim Ivanov - ex-Unity Dev


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I love short stories)
And this one is even quite unusual))